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About UpgradePoint

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UpgradePoint's team consists solely of gamers and ex-game developers. We are all about giving the best games to the fellow gamers!

We are a European-based video game publisher publishing games on Steam, consoles and other online stores. We strongly believe that developers all around the world deserve that chance to grant their project a place under the sun!

Our relationship with people we work with is very nontraditional - we are basically friends first, business partners second, because we believe games are supposed to be approached with love and care. That is what propels our projects through the roof!

Some developers like David Moralejo Sánchez have been working with us on multiple projects for years. We have also achieved notable success with Entertainment Forge's Gladiator Guild Manager last year.

There's a bunch of our games you can try for free right now while you wait for the full versions to hit the Steam shelves. Those are: Outpath: First JourneyOxygen: First Breath and RUNGORE: Beginner Experience.

We are looking forward to working with anyone who loves games and makes great ones! 

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